About Us

About Us

Katanga was founded by Gary Owen to address the problems many businesses face when seeking a website to promote their business. One of the main problems is finance. Websites can range in price from a low-cost, build it yourself approach to six figures plus. What Katanga does to differentiate is provide websites based on a template engine which removes 80% of the work we have to do but provides a 100% unique product to the customer. Using this approach we can not only reduce the price significantly but also showcase what the site will finally look like before you part with your money. All to often we hear of web designers failing to deliver on the customers vision – we work with you to make your vision come alive!

All our websites come with secure backend management which is designed from the outset to be easy to administer. There is absolutely no geekiness required for running and maintaining your website once delivered!

With a 30 year history in IT, Gary has worked in IT Management & IT Project Management with several of the UK’s largest technology companies and once served as an e-commerce consultant for the Welsh Government. But technology is just one aspect of a good website. Marketing is key! Search engine optimisation, targeting of specific markets, business strategy – all of these combine to make a successful website and are the key drivers behind Katanga’s strategy. We aim to make money by ensuring you make money also.

Bryn Glas Garage Website

Bryn Glas Garage Katanga

Completed at the end of August, Bryn Glas Garage was a designed for W.H. Williams & Son to promote their garage business. The brief was a clean design, easy to navigate with an emphasis on their MOT service. Their previous website had not appeared at all in

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