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Wetstock Reconciliation Form Spreadsheet


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Many petrol filling station operators rely on a manual petrol stock reconciliation system to detect leaks from the storage tanks and pipework.  The basic idea is that by finding how much petrol has come out of a tank through the dispensers (by checking the totalised readings, for example) and taking into account how much has been put into the tank, you can calculate how much should be left in the tank.  If you then measure how much petrol actually is in the tank you know if there has been a loss or gain that could indicate a leak.

This method of leak detection relies on consistent measurements of the tank contents, the accuracy of the measurements, and knowledge of the pattern of apparent losses and gains for your site.

Many Local Authorities are now making it law that each fuel dispensing station keep accurate records of their fuel wetstock, including calculations of daily and cumulative variances to note any discrepancies which may indicate leakage or water contamination.

This spreadsheet has been built to automatically calculate those variances and various other fields to enable easier record keeping as well as enabling the records to be emailed to those who require them.

Each spreadsheet covers a 12 month period, with each month having a seperate tab and covers one pump. One spreadsheet for every pump is required.

The items which are automatically calculated by the spreadsheet are shown in Green, the fields needing user input such as Opening Stock & Deliveries are shown in Yellow.

All calculations performed are in accordance with the recommendations provided by Fire Services and UK Local Authorities. As of February 2019, this is the only commercially available Wetstock Reconciliation Form that you can purchase in the UK that is compatible with both Microsoft Excel and free LibreOffice Calc.

Any updates to the form will be distributed freely to all purchasers. For any custom additions to the form, please contact use with requirements and we will provide a quote.

Upon purchase the spreadsheet will be instantly downloadable.

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